Product preference questionnaire is designed by the company officials and given to the customers to answer in order to know their preference when it comes to using their company’s products. This helps the company officials in understanding as to what kind of products are preferred by the customers and what is it that they do not like. Given below is a sample product preference questionnaire you may refer to it if you are aiming to design a questionnaire on this subject.

Sample Product Preference Questionnaire

  • Please specify your name in the below given blank.


  • Please mention your age


  • Kindly share your mobile number


  • Please provide your email id


  • What is your current occupation?


  • Have you heard about our company’s products?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • If the answer to the above question is yes then please share the source from where you have heard about it.

a)      Newspaper

b)      Magazine

c)      Television

d)     Radio

e)      Internet

f)       Word of mouth

  • Have you tried using any of our company’s products?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • If the above question is answered with a yes then please mention as to which product you have used?


  • Have you been using our product ever since you tried it or did you switch to a similar product available from some other brand?


  • If you have used a similar product from a different brand as well then please share as to which of the product do you prefer more:

a)      The one available from our brand

b)      The one available from our competitor’s brand

c)      Not satisfied with either

  • If you prefer our product over similar products available from other brands than please select an appropriate reason for the same from the below given options:

a)      The quality of the product available from your brand is better than similar products available from other brands

b)      You are providing equally good quality but at a lower rate

c)      It is easily available in the market

d)     If any other, then please specify.