Product placement is a relatively new, non traditional method of subtly promoting the products through appearances in movies, television or other forms of media. Product placement questionnaires are aimed at viewers, to know their attitudes and response towards the practice of product placement.

Product Placement Questionnaire Sample:

Name: ______________________________________                                                                                               Age: ________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________

Gender: _______________________________________


Q1: Are you familiar with the concept of ‘product placement’?

  • Very much.
  • Somewhat.
  • What’s that?

Q2: How many hours of television do you watch everyday?

  • I do not watch TV.
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • 3 hours
  • 5 hours
  • More than that.

Q3: How many movies do you watch per week?

  • I hardly ever watch movies.
  • One to two
  • Three to four
  • Five to six
  • More

Q4: In the latest movie that you watched, which products did you notice?


Q5: In your favorite TV serial, which products are being advertised?


Q6: Does product placement affect your enjoyment of a movie or serial?

  • Not really.
  • Sometimes
  • Absolutely!

Q7: Do you enjoy watching your favorite stars sporting certain brands in their movies and shows?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • It doesn’t make a difference.

Q8: Do you feel product placement is unethical and annoying?

  • Not at all!
  • Sometimes, when it is too obvious.
  • Yes, it is!

Q9: Have you ever stopped watching a show due to product placement?

  • No, why would I?
  • Sometimes.
  • Yes!

Q10: Do you buy the brands advertised in movies and TV shows?

  • Not really!
  • Only if I like the product.
  • Yes, all the time!