A product development questionnaire plays an important role in the growth and performance of a particular product. Such a questionnaire consists of questions drafted to evaluate the product’s present and technical development in order to proceed with the further strategies and policies to launch or re-introduce the product. A product development questionnaire is an internal document which is to be filled by the R&D department to provide the brief information about the product including features, limitations and benefits, etc.

Sample Product Development Questionnaire:

Name of the prodcut: _______________________________

Segment of the product: ____________________________

Sub Category of the product: ________________________

Specifications of the product: _______________________

Name of the concerned department: ___________________

Q1: How effective the product is in terms of serving the requirements of the targeted consumer?


Q2: List the features and application of this product?



Q3: Does this product pose some kind of limitations? Please state:


Q4: What is the estimation cost of producing this product?


Q5: How will the organization produce this product cost effectively?


Q6: What features of the product should be listed on the packaging?


Q7: Which kind of the packaging will be suitable for this product?

  • Card board
  • Plastic
  • Transparent
  • Others, ______________

Q8: How would the R&D department rate this product on the basis of performance?


Q9: How effective is this product in beating the competitor products?


Q10: Has the R&D department conducted any research study on this product for evaluating the unique qualities?

  • Yes
  • No

Q11: Name the endorsements available with our organization in order to launch the product?