A product awareness questionnaire helps to promote a newly launched product. Consumers are provided with the questionnaire that not only inquires if they are aware of the product but also what they perceive of the launched product. The questions included in such questionnaires address the brand and its awareness amongst potential customers. It is best to keep the questions close ended for the ease of the customer.

Product Awareness Questionnaire Sample

Name _____________________________

Age _______________________________

Address ____________________________

Phone Number _______________________

Email Id_____________________________

Q1: Have you heard of the product (Name)?

  • Never heard of it!
  • Heard it, but haven’t used it
  • Own it, but use it sparingly
  • Own it, use it regularly

Q2: How did you first hear about the product?

  • Through a friend
  • Through advertisement over the TV/ Radio/ Newspaper
  • Through Internet
  • Other ________________________________________

Q3: How would you rate the quality of the product?

  • It’s amazing!
  • I really like it
  • It’s just satisfactory
  • I am not happy with the quality

Q4: How often do you buy the product?

  • Very Often
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely
  • Never

Q5: Would you consider buying the product again in future?

  • Very likely to buy
  • Likely to buy
  • Not sure
  • Unlikely to buy

Q4: Would you recommend this product to others?

  • Yes, Definitely!
  • I might
  • No I wouldn’t
  • Don’t know

Q5: Do you have any special recommendations or suggestions regarding the product? Please let us know!