A procurement management questionnaire is a written questionnaire which is drafted by organizations to assess the various procurement methods and techniques implemented by different companies. These questionnaires consist of multiple questions which can be multiple choice questions or subjective questions in nature.

A procurement management questionnaire must be effective in gathering information about new practices, compliance with rules etc of the organization on which survey is being conducted. Given below for your reference is a sample of a procurement management questionnaire that shall prove to be useful if you are looking for help.

Sample Procurement Management Questionnaire:

Name of the respondent:

Name of the company:

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Contact number of the respondent:

Type of company

The following is a procurement management questionnaire. Kindly answer all the questions given in the following lines and make sure you use the spaces provided.

Q1. What kind of services does you company perform as far as supply chain is concerned. Select suitable answers.

a)      Production

b)      Manufacturing

c)      Supply and trading

d)     Retailing

e)      Marketing

f)       All of the above

Q2. Which of the following activities do you outsource? You can select more than one option.

a)      requirement analysis

b)      planning

c)      suppliers ranking

d)     auction handling

e)      suppliers scouting

f)       order management

g)      logistics

h)      payment and accounting

i)        management of catalogue

j)        contract management

k)      negotiation management

Q3. Which of the following activities do you follow for procurement of resources?

a)      Tender

b)      Bidding

c)      E catalog

d)     Product sharing agreement

Q4. Which of the following auction methods does your company use?

a)      Dutch auction

b)      English auction

c)      Regular bids

d)     Proxy bids

e)      Reserve bid

f)       Dynamic bids

Q5. Does your company use any procurement management system?

a)      Yes

b)      No