A print design questionnaire is used to understand and evaluate an interested client’s/ company’s daily printing requirements. This questionnaire is prepared & customized by the professionals with a set of easy questions focused on routine printing needs of clients. A print design questionnaire can either be manually filled or can be answered online by visiting the printer device supplier’s/ seller’s website in order to provide printing details.

Sample Of Print Design Questionnaire: 

Client’s Contact Details:

First Name: ____________ Maiden Name: _____________ Last Name: ____________

Company Title: _________________________

Company Address: ________________________

Office Phone Number: ______________________

E-mail id: _______________________

Website (if any): _________________

Q1. Kindly tell us about your printing requirements:


Q2. What kind of documents/ copies would you like to print daily?

  • Black & white documents
  • Colour documents
  • Images
  • Other, specify here: ___________________

Q3. How much daily printing load do you have?

  • Between one hundred to three hundred copies
  • Between Three hundred to five hundred copies
  • Between five hundred to seven hundred copies
  • More than this, please specify: _____________________

Q4. How many printers do you want to purchase for your company?

  • Between 1-5
  • Between 5-10
  • Between 10-15
  • More than this, please mention: ________________

Q5. How many people will be using a single printer daily?

  • More than three
  • More than seven
  • More than ten
  • Other, please mention: _____________________

Q6. What additional printer applications do you want to use regularly?


Q7. Would you like to purchase extra paper printer trays?

  • Yes
  • No

Q8. Do you want to invest in multi- functional printer devices?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure. Depends upon the budget

Q9. Choose the budget as per your aforementioned responses.

  • Between $ 100- $300
  • Between $300- $500
  • More than this