Presidential candidate questionnaire are a set of carefully crafted questions which are thrown at the presidential candidates during conferences, meetings and live broadcasts. This questionnaire might also be sent to the candidates in written form to which they reply in the print media or on the internet websites. Each candidate is expected to answer the questions stated therein and has to lay out his personal as well as his party’s policies in this regard. This is an important tool in democratic elections and helps the people in selecting the right candidate. Presidential questionnaire contain questions which are relevant to the political scenario of a particular country- its domestic as well as international issues.

Sample Presidential Questionnaire

Name of the candidate: ____________________________________________.

Political party             : ____________________________________________.

In the run of the current presidential elections, we would be greatly obliged if you could state your future plan of action on the following.

  1. How would you deal with the recent economic slump? What are your plans to minimize its impact on the economy of this country in the coming years?
  1. How do you plan to tackle inflation and price rise?
  1. What is your agenda on global warming and environment protection?
  1. What is the economic growth rate you envisage for the coming years?
  1. What are your plans to deal with human trafficking that has become rampant among our eastern borders?
  1. How do you intend to implement nuclear disarmament on global scale and what would be your stance with respect to other countries on this?
  1. What are your strategies to deal with terrorism on the national as well as global scale?