The presentation feedback questionnaire is a vital resource in gauging the effectiveness of a presentation in disseminating information. In most cases, a person who is afraid of standing before people, or one who is not very good in communicating  can think that he or she did poorly while that may not have been the case. To get a feedback about the same, the questionnaire gives one the answers he or she needs.  Companies which hire people to do presentations on their behalf and can also gauge how well the hired individual presenters or panelists communicated the companies’ intended information to people.

Below is a sample presentation feedback questionnaire.

Q1. How effectively did the speaker communicate to you during the presentation? ________

Q2. How do you rate the speaker’s understanding of the topic he was making a presentation on? _______

Q3. What is your rating of handouts given to you prior or before the presentation? ____

Q4. Did the presentation meet your expectations? __________

Q5. How would you rate the relevance and usefulness of information given during the presentation in understanding our organization’s business and performances? ________

Q6. How would you rate the organizational arrangements before the commencement of the presentation? ___________

Q7. Rate the quality of the presentation as well as the presentation used_________

Q8. What was the most enjoyable part of the presentation? _________

Q9. What was the most boring part of the presentation? _________

Q10. What presentation session did you learn from the most? _________

Q11. What areas of the presentations did not receive sufficient coverage? _________

Q12. Do you think future presentations from the organization can be improved? _________

If yes, please specify.___________________________