The pre interview questionnaire is used as a vital screening tool by employers. This is usually done to avert avoidable hiring mistakes. Through the questionnaire, the employer is able just to shortlist candidates who portray the characteristics, skills, experiences, abilities and even the right attitude for the job. Traditionally, information about a potential employee was gathered using his or her resume, the interview and from his or her references. The pre interview questionnaire however presents a more realistic way through which the employer can gather quite a big range of information about the candidate. To date, this questionnaire remains the HR’s biggest re-interview asset.



Name of the job applicant: _________________________________

Date: __________________________________________________

Position applied for: ______________________________________

Q1. What reasons do you have for applying for this job? _________________________________

Q2. Why do you think you qualify for the position? _________________________________

Q3. Do you know of any ways you can make a difference in this organization? _________________________________

How would you propose to do that? _________________________________

Q4. What do you know of our organization? _________________________________

Q5. State our three most important values




Q6. Have ever held a job in a similar position in another company?

If yes, why did you leave? _________________________________

Q7. What is your definition of a satisfying job? _________________________________

Q8. What excites you the most about the prospects of getting this job? _________________________________

Q9. Do you have career prospects that are in line with this position?

If so, how do you think this position will help you advance those prospects? _________________________________

Q10. What do you think will be your biggest contribution to our organization should you be hired for this position? _________________________________