A pre evaluation training questionnaire is one that is obtained by a company from its employees in order to assess the requirements of training. This questionnaire is an ideal way to evaluate the training needs before a training program is finalized. It is on account of this pre evaluation questionnaire that a company can save a lot of cost and time as well.

Sample Pre evaluation training questionnaire

Name of employee _______________________

Employee id _______________________

Division _______________________

Email id _______________________

1. What is the duration of your service in our company?

a. 0-1 year

b. 1-3 years

c. 3-5 years

d. More than 5 years

2. Which is the division in which you think you require training?

a. Marketing

b. Human resources

c. Finance

d. Administration

3. What is the primary objective of obtaining training in the division of work as chosen by you above?

a. Better work performance

b. Improvement in productivity and saving time

c. Improving efficiency

d. To enhance my career skills

4. What is the ideal duration for the training that is required by you?

a. One day

b. Two days

c. Three days

d. More than three days but less than fifteen days

5. What are the kinds of training resources required to make this training program successful?

a. Good trainer

b. Good training material

c. Practical training

d. All of the above

6. Do you think an evaluation after the training program will be useful to assess the learning skills of employees?

a. Yes

b. No

7. Can this training program act as a motivational factor for employees nominated for it?

a. Yes

b. No

8. How will the company benefit by providing such a training program to the employees according to you?

a. Better employee efficiency

b. Better output and productivity

c. Better employee motivation

d. Better overall growth and development