Various training institutes give the trainees a post training questionnaire to fill up. The replies given by the trainees give a very good idea about their level of satisfaction with the course and help to determine the solutions to specific problems.

Sample Post Training Questionnaire

Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Name of the training institute: __________________________________________________

Name of the training course undergone: __________________________________________

1. Were the administration staffs competent?

a. Of course

b. Average

c. Below expectations

2. Was the information you received from the administration staff correct and accurate?

a. Yes, they were helpful

b. Absolutely not

3. Was the course material that was provided informative and easy to understand?

a. Yes, they were quite easy

b. Unfortunately not

4. Was the result apt to your requirements and needs? _______________

5. Were the demonstrations or instructions given by the trainer easy to follow?

a. Yes, pretty easy to understand

b. No, the language seemed to be a problem

c. No, both his language and way of speaking was very discouraging

6. Was the trainer supportive and helpful in fulfilling the specific learning needs of a trainee?

a. Absolutely, very patient and helpful

b. Not at all

7. Did the trainer provide sufficient course materials?

a. The course materials helped me to score well in the assessment

b. The course materials and the assessment have little in common

8. Was the trainer punctual and regular?

a. Yes, always

b. Sometimes

c. Always late

9. Would you like to join any similar training again in future?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Maybe