A Portfolio investment questionnaire is a document that shows how different questions can be posed to the individuals or businesses that get involved in portfolio management. These questions test the rationale of the investments and the planning done to arrive at a desired portfolio. This questionnaire is intended to help make changes in the current portfolio so that the financial goals can be achieved.

Sample Portfolio Investment Questionnaire:

First Name: _______________________ Last Name: _______________________________

Full Address: _______________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________

Email id: _____________________________

Age: _____________

Q1. What is the time horizon of your current investments?

a)   0 – 3 years

b)   3 – 8 years

c)   8 – 15 years

d)   More than 15 years

Q2: Are you likely to beat the current and future inflationary expectations through your investments?

a)   Yes

b)   No

c)   Can’t say

Q3. If the answer to the above question is ‘No’, what is the basis of your investment decisions?


Q4: Tick the following that is applicable to you

a)   Maximise returns on investment with maximum risk

b)   Minimise risk and investment

c)   Balanced investments with risky and risk-free assets

d)   Others, please mention _________________________________

Q5: What is your reaction to short term fluctuations in the market?

a)   Withdraw investments from the market

b)   Choose investments that are likely quoted at low prices, and buy them selectively

c)   Wait and watch

d)   Depends on the situation

Q6: What is the ratio of risky and risk-free assets in your portfolio?


Q7: What percentage of investment that you put into various avenues can you forego as a part of risk?

a)   < 10%

b)   10 – 20%

c)   20 – 30%

d)   More than 30%