A planning questionnaire is used to form a list of questions which will help one get data and information from others to aid the successful completion of a plan. Every plan no matter how small-scale or large-scale, short-term or long-term it is always requires a specific format which will assist one to make a questionnaire.

Creating a proper questionnaire is the first and most important stage of any survey or plan. Without planning a proper questionnaire, one will not get the desired information and will not be able to compose an effective report. Consequently, no successful plan can be made without the right questionnaire.

Depending on the goals of the individual or organisation, the questionnaire is planned accordingly. Once one is clear about the objectives, the target respondents are selected and based on their age, gender, economic status, residence and so on and questionnaire is prepared to get the necessary response. Based on the results of the questionnaire, one can know what are the areas that one needs to work on and what can be done to make any pan successful. By focussing on these weak areas, which one has found out through the questionnaire, it is possible to eliminate the problems and make improvements in that particular sector.