The primary goal of a planning questionnaire template is to enable the organization/company to gather relevant data before conducting any event or plan. Such questionnaires also help to find out the pros and cons of the planned event or strategy. The planning questionnaire may vary according to the circumstances, event planned and the requirements.

Sample Planning Questionnaire Template:

Name _____________________

Full Address ________________________________

Date of Birth ________________

Designation ___________________________

Department ___________________________

Q1: Are you satisfied with your working sphere?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Average

(The employee needs to check any one answer. This is question helps to understand what employee perceives of the working environment)

Q2: What do you think about the business strategies of the company?


(The participant can write in brief what he thinks about the company and along with suggestions)


Q3: With regards to company policy towards employees, how would you rate it?

  • Fair
  • Average
  • Below average

(This question is a good way off judging how happy the employee is with the company.)

Q4.What retirement benefits are you offered?


(This question is important to understand the details of the employee so as to implement the correct plan/event that benefits the company as the employee)

Q5. How much as re you able to save from your current earnings?


(The aim of this question is to understand the current financial standing of the employee for effective implementation of the plan)

Q6. What do you propose in order to enhance the marketing strategy of the company?


(This question helps to understand the participation level of the employee)