A planning questionnaire format is a design layout of various questions that are asked in such questionnaires. A planning questionnaire is aimed to assist easy planning of any task or service. Various questions pertaining to the task/service are asked which help to gain a better understanding. It usually revolves around the planning and organizational aspects of a company. This kind of questionnaire is usually filled by the employees of an organization/company.

Sample Planning Questionnaire Format

Name _________________________________

Current Address _____________________________

Telephone Number _______________________________

Age ____________________________________________

Designation ____________________________

Date of joining _____________________________

First Question: (The first question must be aimed at what the employee think of the plans and strategies of the company. Questions like; Are you satisfied with the company’s policies? maybe asked)

Second Question: (In the second question should concentrate on the business achievements such as, What do you think of the achievement in the field of ____________ of the company)

Third Question: (In the third question sales and marketing strategies of the company and its successful implementation can be discussed)

Fourth Question: (The Fourth question should essentially revolve around the future prospects of the company.)

Fifth Question: (The fifth question must be asked regarding the marketing strategies of the company and how the employee plans to put their efforts in the marketing of the company. A question like, Do you think that the current marketing strategy of the company is effective? How do you plan to help the company in its future marketing?)

Sixth Question: (In the last segment employees maybe questioned about what they perceive about the company)