Planning permission questionnaire contains a number of questions which are framed to understand an individual or organization’s construction plan. It is essential to get ones construction plan approved by the state authority in order to start any building construction. Now this authority has certain questionnaires set for different kinds of individuals/ organizations and asks them to answer to the questions included in it so as to understand as to what that individual/ organization intends to build and is his construction plan falling under the legal norms. Sample planning permission questionnaire is given below; you may refer to the same if trying to prepare one such questionnaire.

Sample Planning Permission Questionnaire

  • Please specify your name here: _________________________
  • What is your residential address? ________________________
  • Please provide your contact number: ______________________
  • Please provide your email id: _____________________________
  • Please provide the address of the construction site: ________________________
  • Has your construction plan been finalized?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • If the above question is answered with a yes then please share your construction plan in short.


  • Have all your flats already been booked or are you still looking for buyers?


  • Which of the following is true?

a)      You intend to start with the proposed construction once all the flats are booked

b)      You do not want to book any flats before the construction is complete; you would be selling only ready to move in flats

c)      All the flats are already booked and you would start with the construction immediately after getting the approval from our end

  • From where are you getting the construction of the housing society financed? Please mention the name of the financial institution/ bank as well as the city.


  • Is this the first housing society construction project you are handling or have you handled such projects earlier as well?


  • If you have handled any such construction project prior to this then please provide the details of the same.