A physical education questionnaire is used to gather data about the role played by physical education in a school curriculum and how it helps children be health-conscious and achieve a wholesome personality. The questionnaire can deal with an exercise schedule, sports played by students and how they feel these help in making them a better student.

Sample Physical Education Questionnaire:

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Date of Birth: _________

Name of school or college: ___________

1)   How many students take part in your physical education class?

2)   What areas do you cover in your physical education class?

a)   Group or team games

b)   Movement skills

c)   Aquatic activities

d)   Health projects

3)   How many hours per week do students spend in your class?

4)   Please select the type of sports from the following that are played in your school.

a)   Soccer

b)   Hockey

c)   Football

d)   Basketball

e)   Swimming

f)    Tennis

g)   Gymnastics

h)   Skating

i)     Wrestling

j)    Volleyball

k)   Others

5)   During a physical education class, please mention the time taken by the students to do the following.

a)   Changing into physical education uniform

b)   Doing warm-up exercises

c)   Doing drills

d)   Participating in sports

e)   Showering and changing clothes

6)   What are the physical, emotional and social benefits of a physical education class?

7)   How do you create interest among the students to take part in physical education activities?

8)   Does the school provide necessary resources for the gym?

9)   Has your school won any inter-school sports championships? Give more details.