A person’s character traits usually determine his ability to interact with his peers. Other than people skills, personality traits define who we are and also how humane the people we socialize with find us. A personality traits questionnaire is used when an institution wants to hire someone who will be interacting with clients. They do so with the intention of finding out how well the person could react to certain challenging situations and how best they can handle themselves. This is achieved by asking situational questions and providing multiple choice answers that the respondent chooses. Below is a sample personality traits questionnaire.

Name: _____________________________________________________

Age: ________________________________________________________

Department: __________________________________________________

What would you do if a client walked up to you and demanded to speak to the manager?

Point him/her to the manager’s door___________________________________

Calm the person down and try to find out what assistance he/she requires________________________

Ask for the client’s name and ask if there’s any relation with the manager_________________________

Tell the client that the manager doesn’t see just anyone who walks in and asks to see him/her._______


When a client walks into your office and does not speak a word of English do you__?

Kindly show them the door_______________________________________________________

Find someone who can act as a translator from within the office________________________________

Send them to the manager’s office_________________________________________________________

Call security_______________________________________________________

When a client walks into your office with Halitosis (smelly mouth) problem do you__?

Cover your nose at him/her and tell him/her that his/her mouth is smelly_________________________


Find out what assistance they required and serve them________________________________________

Give them a mint tablet and spray the office with freshener then serve them_______________________


Show them the door________________________________________________________