There are many personality test questionnaires in use today. The basic objective of such questionnaires however is to assess one’s personality based on responses issued on the questionnaire. This helps a person to understand him/herself better. Personality questionnaires are also used by employers as a recruitment tool for purposes of identifying the right people fit for a specific position. Usually, this is done because some positions are better held by people with a specific personality type. A front office position for example is best filled by an outgoing person who will interact with outsiders as well as fellow workers with ease.


1. Choose the description that best fits your personality traits

Stress tolerant?




In a scale of one (strongly agree) to five (strongly disagree) rate your self as below

2. I am a perfectionist worker ___________

3. My Employer is able to rely on me because of my proven work record ___________

4. Regardless of the challenges, I persevere until the tasks are completed ___________

5. I insist on efficiency for anything I am working on ___________

6. Whenever I make plans for something, I ensure that I follow through with them ___________

7. Although I try not to be, I can be careless sometimes ___________

8. My desk is always disorganized ___________

9. I can be a bit lazy, especially when I have a lot of time on my hands ___________

10. My attention span is little and I easily get distracted ___________

11. I am usually kind and helpful to others ___________

12. I easily let go of events or people that have hurt me in the past ___________