Personality questionnaire is used to know the character or attitude of a person. Questions related to different modes and angles are included in this questionnaire in order to assess mindset of an individual. These can be related to the amount of tolerance and patience an individual has, about an issue, the capacity to manage the stress in life, influence others by their personality and others. These factors can be measured by putting simple and realistic questions to them.

A simple question like: whether you would like to work in team or wish to be alone can check whether the person is introvert or extrovert.Questions like: Will you criticize or encourage when work is pending, will tell how things will be handled by that particular person. Asking about the likes and dislikes of an individual, whether he/she likes emotional music or romantic movies can tell about the person in general. Questions like: What is your overall strategy can tell the ambitions of a person in life and his progress in career.

Some open questions like: How will you tackle the problem when you have not finished a job in time, will say whether the person is able to manage negative stress Questions like: Will you work with a person even if you dislike that person shows whether the person works towards the project completion regardless of ego clashes.

Thus different types of questions in a personality questionnaire help to determine various personality traits of an individual.