The main objective of a personality questionnaire template is to identify the personality traits of the individual taking the test. It is a helpful tool in determining the behavior of an individual. Personality tests are used for various purposes like, career planning, matchmaking, solving issues related to personality traits etc. It is also a tool used by companies to determine the behavior of the candidate.

Sample Personality Questionnaire Template:

Name _________________________ (Name of the Individual undergoing the test)

Permanent Address _____________________ (Full Address of the Individual)

Gender:  Male/ Female

Age ________________ (Age of the Individual)

Email Address __________________ (Email Id of the Individual)


Q1. How would you describe yourself?

  • Shy
  • Calm and Quiet
  • Confident
  • Outgoing

(Participant can choose more than one option)

Q2. Which of the values do you look for in an individual?

  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Integrity

(This question helps to understand the individual’s value association)

Q3. What do you prefer doing more?

  • Reading
  • Talking over the phone
  • Chatting on the internet
  • Writing
  • Physical activities (playing sports)

(Multi-option question)

Q4. In terms of Sociability, how would you rate yourself?

  • Very sociable
  • Sociable
  • Not sociable

Q5. In case of a relationship, what would you look for more?

  • Compatibility
  • Physical attraction

(This kind of question helps to understand the priorities of the Individual)

Q6. Do you think you possess an interesting personality?

  • Yes
  • No

(This kind of question is intended to understand what the Individual thinks of himself)

Q7. When angry, what do you generally do?

  • Shout and show your anger
  • Keep quiet completely
  • Try talking to someone close
  • Contemplate punishing the offensive people

Q8. What is more important to you?

  • Family
  • Social Status
  • Better job and Financial status

(Again this question leads to what the individual prioritizes)