A personality questionnaire format is the basic layout for developing personality questionnaires. These questionnaires usually consist of questions that pertain to the personality of the individual that helps to understand his/her behavioral patterns and his mental make-up. Such questionnaires are use for various purposes such as career counseling, job hiring, understanding interpersonal relationships etc.

Personality Questionnaire Format Sample:

Name: ___________________ (Name of the Individual taking the test)

Address: __________________ (Full address)

Phone Number: __________________ (Residential number of the individual)

Mobile Number: __________________ (Cell number of the individual)

Email ID: ______________________ (Email Id to communicate effectively)

First Question: (The first question should be aimed at understanding the type and kind of the individual. It can be a multiple choice question.)

Second Question: (The second question must be aimed at understanding the mood and behavior of the individual. The question could talk about his/her preferences with regards to activities.)

Third Question: (Here the individual must be asked about his views regarding relationship and what it means to him/her. This can be a multi-option question)

Fourth Question: (The fourth one must pertain to the individual’s views regarding his/her sociability. Question like whether he/she feels that they are socially active and enjoy company of others or not.)

Fifth Question: (This question can be a direct question that evaluates what the individual perceives of himself. Questions such as, do you feel you posses an interesting personality? can be asked)

Sixth Question: (The sixth question may ask what he/she feels about their social standing and what is more important family/social standing or job satisfaction. Such questions can help get an insight into the thinking of the individual)

Seventh Question: (The last question may ask about his/her likes and dislikes and can be a multi-choice question)