Personality preference questionnaire includes questions that inquire about a person’s choice when it comes to other people; the kind of personality he would like to stay with and the likes. Below given is a sample personality preference questionnaire which would help you design such a questionnaire.

Sample Personality Preference Questionnaire


Date of Birth:


Phone Number:


  • What kind of company do you enjoy?

a)      That of a calm and composed individual

b)      That of a talkative person

c)      That of a person who compliments your personality

  • Which of the following interests you the most?

a)      Swimming

b)      Skating

c)      Shopping

d)     Dancing

e)      Listening to music

f)       Singing

g)      Gardening

h)      None of the above

  • If none of the above interests you then please share the hobby of your choice


  • Which of the following place would you prefer going to in your free time?

a)      For a movie

b)      Shopping

c)      To a concert

d)     To a friend’s place

e)      To a Party

  • Are you comfortable working with a domineering boss/ colleague?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • Would you prefer working in a friendly environment or a rather strict environment?


  • Do you think giving an easy and friendly work environment hampers work?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • Do you prefer your boss or mentor guiding you through the work or do you rather like to work on your own by taking own decisions?


  • What is it that you prefer doing in a party?

a)      Enjoy the food and drinks

b)      Dance

c)      Socialize with people

d)     Sit quietly and watch others

  • Do you like spending money or would you rather spend only for you necessities and save the rest for your hard times?


  • Do you prefer going out shopping with friends or alone?


  • What kinds of movies do you like watching?

a)      Horror movies

b)      Comedy

c)      Soft romantic movies

d)     Action movies

  • Whom would you like to be with on a festival day?

a)      With Friends

b)      With Family

c)      At work with colleagues