Personality Leadership questionnaire is designed to know if a person is a good leader or not. It helps in figuring out whether the person has the potential to be an ideal leader. The questions asked in this questionnaire help in understanding various aspects of an individual’s personality which determine whether he encompasses the required leadership qualities or not.

Sample personality Leadership Questionnaire


Date of Birth

Contact Number



  • Do you think you have it in you to be a good leader?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • Do you value the suggestions made by your subordinates or dominate the discussion and give the final verdict?


  • How often do you have the final say during a discussion within a group?

a)      Every time

b)      Sometimes

c)      Never

  • Which are the essential qualities that a good leader should possess? Do you think you have any of these?


  • Do you tell your colleagues/ subordinates as to how a particular task is to be done or allow them to explore and innovate first?

a)      Depends on the urgency of the work

b)      I teach them the right way to do it and give them a deadline to complete it exactly the way I taught

c)      I give them freedom to explore and innovate and provide support whenever asked for

  • How do you tackle individuals who make an error/ mistake while working?

a)      I scold them and ask them to rectify the error

b)      I stay calm and teach them how things should be handled

c)      I allow them to resolve the issue on their own and interfere only when they are not able to handle the task on their own

  • Which of the following suits you best?

a)      I keep a close watch on my subordinates without letting them know that I am monitoring them constantly

b)      I keep coming back to my subordinates every day and telling them as to where they are going wrong

c)      I monitor their performance from a distance and provide them feedback on a weekly or monthly basis