Personality Compatibility Questionnaire is prepared to check an individual’s compatibility with different people be it a friend, wife, colleagues, seniors and others. These types of questionnaires help to know as to how well an individual goes with the other person. A sample of personality compatibility questionnaire is given below.

Sample Personality Compatibility Questionnaire


Your occupation:

Date of Birth:

Contact Number:


  • You like to be with individuals who are (Please select an appropriate answer from the ones given below):

a)      Shy

b)      Easy going

c)      Extrovert

d)     If any other, please specify

  • When you meet a new person at office:

a)      You are the first one to begin the conversation

b)      Greet them and continue with your work

c)      Wait for them to approach you

  • Which of the following suits your personality the most?

a)      Always ready to help others

b)      Help others if asked for

c)      Would rather complete own work then go and help others

  • You admire people who are:

a)      Shy and Reserved

b)      Confident & Extrovert

c)      If other, please specify

  • Would you go out shopping with a person who is a spendthrift?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • Are you too one of those who loves spending a lot?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • Would you like to be with a person who:

a)      Loves big social gatherings

b)      Prefers small get together with close friends and family

c)      Rather confines to home

  • Would you be with a person who is (You may select one or two of the below mentioned options as per your preference)

a)      Down to Earth

b)      Practical

c)      Shows off

d)     Complicated

e)      Interesting

  • Do you judge people by their Zodiac sign:

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • Do you like people being with people who are fun loving and sporty or those who are quite and thoughtful?


  • Do you like people who are dedicated and committed towards work or would you rather be with a person who is easy going and does not take much work stress?