When recruiting customer support representatives, the majority firms usually have a personality assessment questionnaire to gauge an applicant’s behavior towards specific challenges. These challenges are borne out of circumstances that arise in the course of duty. Training and skills are never enough as one is expected to prove to the panel that they can have the right persona for the position. Most of the questions are leading while others are left to gauge just how courteous an applicant is. They attempt to draw out his character traits and augment his ability to act professionally too. A sample personality assessment questionnaire is shown below

Sample questionnaire

Name: __________________________________________________

Gender: __________________________________________________

Position applied for: __________________________________________________

What do you do when your superior finds fault in work that was allocated to your team and you were the team leader? (Tick the appropriate answer)

Blame the team and demand better results from them within the hour________

Personally review the work and single-handedly redo the work________

Apologize and regroup to review the fault________

Ask the Manager what to do________

What do you do if one of your team members falls behind on the work assigned to them?

Reprimand him/her in front of the team members________

Report the matter to the Manager and ask for more time________

Assign his/her work to someone else________

Call him/her aside and find out why this is so________

What do you do when your team reports to your manager that you are lazy and uncooperative?

Explain that they have ganged up against you and that they are at fault________

Disband them and form another team________

Explain to them that they work for you and they should do as you say________

Sit with them and attempt to find out the areas of conflict________


Personality Assessments