A personal tax return questionnaire is one that is used by an individual to file tax returns to the state tax department. This questionnaire is very useful for correct filing of personal tax returns by an individual and also to make sure that all the details are provided accurately.

Sample Personal tax return questionnaire

Name of the personal tax candidate :

Address of the personal tax candidate :

Email address of the candidate :

Social security number of the candidate :

Age of the candidate :

1. Are you filing personal tax returns for yourself or on behalf of any other person?

a. Self

b. Representative If representative provide name of tax payer _______________

2. Kindly specify if any tax payments have been made during this financial year?

a. Yes pl specify the amount and tax payment number ____________

b. No

3. Do you want to shift the payment of personal tax schedule to another quarter than what you are paying at present?

a. Yes

b. No

4. Have you obtained the tax calculation details sheet from the state tax department before assessing the amount of tax that needs to be paid?

a. Yes

b. No

5. Please specify your occupation from the following ones provided here below?

a. Employment

b. Business

c. Not working

d. Any others pl specify _____________

6. What are the various sources of income for you?

a. Employment

b. Investment in shares

c. Investment in real estate

d. Interest on savings

7. Do you have any other income that has not been declared earlier and added to your income in the present year?

a. Yes

b. No

8. Please provide details of your bank account number to which the tax refund if any can be transferred directly by the state tax department?


9. Are you filing the returns with all the necessary income proof or will submit later?

a. Documents enclosed

b. Documents due