1.     What are your expectations from this course?
2.     What kind of professional would you like to turn into, at the end of this course?

3.     Do you plan to take up other courses to complement your learning here, such as technical certifications, foreign languages etc?

4.     If given an opportunity to finish this course in lesser time, would you consider doing so? If yes, then state your reasons and what time-frame would you think you could complete the course.

5.     What plans do you have, of taking up a job while you study?

6.     What do you think can be your best contribution as a professional to the people?

7.     Do you plan to leave for a foreign country for higher studies after completion of this course? If yes, then state your choice and reasons for the same.

8.     What do you reckon might be your chances of starting an enterprise with your degree?

9.     How important are high grades and exceptional academic performance to you? State the reasons for your belief.

10.    If we were not able to offer you the course of your choice, then which other course at the college would you choose and why?