A personal investment questionnaire is aimed at unearthing a person’s notions of investment. The questions are designed to ensure that the investment agent and the potential client understand the nature of investment that will be the best suited to the latter.

The questions should be direct and relevant and care should be taken to keep them simple as well. This document is almost part of protocol before any major investment is signed and should be given the respect and consideration that it deserves.

Sample Personal Investment Questionnaire 

  • Please mention the amount of decline which you will consider acceptable in a period of one year:

a)      I cannot tolerate any decline at all

b)      I can tolerate decline in one quarter but in a year’s time, there should not be any decrease in the amount of investment

c)      I can tolerate some decline if there is sure chance of the investment yielding a higher return later

d)     I am not sure


  • How important, in your conception, is negotiating inflation of value to investment deals?

a)      Other associated factors like the preservation of capital is more important than beating inflation

b)      If inflation is necessary to obtain maximum gain from the investment policy, then I am prepared to accommodate inflation


  • Is the stock market cycle important for you?

a)      No, it is irrelevant

b)      Yes, it is relevant

c)      Not sure


  • Is the final return on the investment more important for you or the process in which that final return is obtained as important?

a)      No, the final return is most important. Any fluctuations in the process can be admitted as long as the final return is what I am promised it will be.

b)      Yes, the final goal is important but I am also concerned about the quarterly and half yearly fluctuations and returns equally.