A personal interview round is an important round in any interview process and thus it is necessary that appropriate set of questions needs to be asked to the interview candidate. A personal interview questionnaire is a document containing such questions.

This questionnaire is taken by any candidate appearing for the personal interview round. The questionnaire helps to decide whether the candidate would be suitable for a job post or not. The questions usually asked are based on the personal as well as professional life of the candidate.

Sample Personal Interview Questionnaire

Candidate’s name: ___________________

Address of the candidate: ______________________

Cell phone number: ______________

Home phone number: ________________

Email id: ___________

1. Say something about yourself.


2. What are your career goals?


3. What is most important for you in a job?

a) Personal growth

b) Learn while working

c) Reputation of the company

d) Working environment

e) Salary package

4. What is your educational qualification?

a) High school

b) Graduate

c) Post graduate

d) Others (please specify): ___________

5. How many years of work experience do you have?

a) Less than one

b) More than one

c) More than three

d) More than five

6. What was your designation in your last organization and describe your job functions?


7. What according to you are your strengths as a professional?


8. What according to you are your strengths as a professional?


9. Do you like working in a team or as an individual?

a) In a team

b) As an individual

10. What kind of work environment do you prefer?

a) Fun filled work environment

b) Challenging work environment

c) Peaceful working environment

11. How flexible are you as an employee?


12. Are you good at multitasking?


13. Where do you want to see yourself ten years down the line?