Personal Development Planning Questionnaire is the one that helps in understanding the personal growth pattern of an individual. This questionnaire is very important to understand the perception of the individual and initiate a continuous learning curve as well. This questionnaire is used obtained by an external agency from the employees in order to maintain secrecy of information provided apart from making it practical for use.

Sample Personal Development Planning Questionnaire

Name of Participant: ____________________________________

Age of Participant: ______________________________________

Marital Status: _________________________________________

Date of Birth: __________________________________________

Household Income: _____________________________________

Residential Area: _______________________________________

Email Address of Participant: _______________________________________

Contact Number of Participant: ______________________________________

Kindly answer all the questions and share with us about your experience about work and how you would like to enhance your skills and performance.

Q1. How frequently do you want to get to work?

a) Very Often

b) Often

c) Seldom

d) Never

Q2. How fast do you get bored of your work?

a) Very Fast

b) Not So Fast

c) Depends on the Work

Q3. How much do you keep developing your interests and knowledge as you work?

a) Very Much

b) Not much

c) Less than Required

d) Very less

Q4. Would you like to take more responsibility?

a) Yes

b) No

c) Sometimes

d) Depends on the Work

Q5. What are the hindrances that you think are hampering your personal development?

a) Low Income, Incentives

b) Work Hours

c) Senior Authorities

d) No Promotion

e) If others, Specify _______________

Q6. What skills or experience will allow you to feel more confident at work?

a) Administrative skills

b) Technical know-how

c) Self Confidence

Q7. What new technique /aspect of work would you like to learn?

a) News technology, strategy every week

b) Attractive Promotion and Sales Strategy

c) Feedback from seniors

d) How to cope better with stress

e) If others, Specify _______________