Performance appraisal feedback questionnaires are used in companies by the managers and the people working on higher posts in order to evaluate the performance of the employees working under them. These questionnaires play a very important role in the productivity of human resource department as by the means of these questionnaires, the employees comes to know about what is required from them on the job and what changes should they do in order to improve their performance in the company. These feedback questionnaires also help the manager to decide which employees should be given a bonus and whom should they promote or demote in the company.

Sample Performance Appraisal Feedback Questionnaire:

Performance feedback for

Name of the employee:

Position title:

Performance period:

Date of the feedback:

Name and title of the supervisor filling the form:

Q1. Please explain in detail your relationship with the employee and how long have you known that individual?


Q2.How will you describe the performance of the employee for the current working period?

  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Above average
  • Average
  • Satisfactory
  • Unsatisfactory

Q3.Rate the work efficiency of the employee in the following areas from the count of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest efficiency order and 10 being the highest?

  • Submission of reports: ____________________
  • Communication with the customer: ___________________
  • Handling the client: __________________
  • Making the presentations: ________________
  • Work completion on time: _________________

Q4. How does the employee perform while working in a team?

  • Gives attention to the ideas of others while working
  • Takes notes on what others have to say and then does his own research work
  • Very accommodating with others
  • Makes his own decision and does not discuss them with others
  • Not comfortable to work with others