Perfect job questionnaire helps a person to find a right job for himself. This kind of questionnaires is often answered by people who are in search of a perfect job and want to improve their job life. Through this they could best realize for what kind of job they are actually looking for.

Sample Perfect Job Questionnaire

Name ___________________


Contact number _______________________

Q1. What profession you are looking for?

  1. Teacher
  2. Lawyer
  3. Journalist
  4. Engineer
  5. Doctor
  6. Banker

Others please specify ____________________________________

Q2.  Are you looking for your first job?

  1. Yes
  2. No, I am quite experienced

Q3. What is the salary range you are expecting per annum?

  1. 20 Thousand -50 Thousand
  2. 50 Thousand-1lakh
  3. 1lakh-2.5 lakh
  4. Above 2.5 lakh

Q4. What type of job you are searching for?

  1. Full time
  2. Part- Time

Q5. How will you rate your career graph at a scale of 10 for a job position at the above mentioned profession?

  1. 0-5
  2. 5-8
  3. 8-10

Q6. How will you rate your communication and vocational skills out of 10?

  1. 0-4
  2. 5-7
  3. 8-10

Q7. If you are experienced, then how was your previous work experience?

  1. Outstanding
  2. Average
  3. Below Average

Q8. According to you a perfect job is

  1. high job security and reliability
  2. Salary that is what all matters
  3. Good quality exposures and foreign postings
  4. Everything like security, reliability, salary, exposures and foreign postings missing a single thing will make it imperfect.