A parent satisfaction questionnaire is very important and useful tool to find out whether the parents are satisfied with their children’s activity, behaviour, interaction and other aspects. A collection of questions is enough to make out if the parents are unhappy or pleased with any activity of their child.

Sample Parent Satisfaction Questionnaire

Name of Father: _______________________

Name of mother: ____________________________

Name of the child: _________________________

Contact Number: __________________________

Mail I.D.:_______________________

Please mark the options carefully:

Q1.Are you satisfied by the kind of education that is being provided to your child?

  1. Absolutely, I am very happy
  2. Things are a bit off place here and there
  3. No I don’t find it satisfactory

Q2. Do you get the feel that your child has got a good friend circle?

  1. I strongly believe that my child has got good friends around
  2. I seriously  doubt
  3. Don’t know, I can only hope for the best for my child

Q3.Are you happy with kind of behaviour your child shows in crowd?

  1. Yes, he or she loves crowd and very interactive in such situation
  2. Sometimes it depend on his or her mood
  3. No not at all he or she hates crowd

Q4. Are you happy with the way you are handling the parenthood?

  1. Yes we are very much convinced by our way of dealing parenthood
  2. I guess things are going fine
  3. Not right at this moment but everything will be fine with time and experience

Q5.Is your child displeased quiet often?

  1. No never at all
  2. It depends
  3. Very often we see his or her mood swing