Organisational leadership is required for managing an organisation efficiently so that it helps in delivering high productivity.  Leadership in organisation is treated as a transformative quality which helps in creating vision through articulation among workers. Thus, an organisational leadership questionnaire should be designed in such a way so that it helps the management in understanding the leadership quality of the workers in compliance to their organisation goals.

Sample Organisational Leadership Questionnaire:

Participant’s name: __________________________                          Reply as Anonymous

Age: ______________________________

Gender: ____________________________

Designation: ___________________              Tick if you don’t wish to disclose

Q1. Are you working in a position of leadership at your organisation?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Q2.  Do you think as a leader you are capable enough to make your workforce clear about the organisation’s mission?

  1. Definately
  2. I am not too sure
  3. No I am not successful always in clearing the mission of the organization to my workforce.

Q3. Do you think each of the employees of your organisation is well-versed with their individual goal and as a leader you take the initiative of making your subordinates well-understand about their roles? If yes, then explain how?




Q4. “Organisational leadership is transformative in nature.” Do you believe this statement? If yes, then list the way you transform this quality with your organisation.


Q5. How you handle the situations where your employees fail to meet the organisation goals?


Q6. Being a leader, how you respond to the criticism?


Q7. Have you ever found that your leadership quality is affecting your workforce mental state? If yes, mention how you found?

  1. Yes, I realized it when _____________________________________________________
  2. I am not too sure
  3. Never

Q8. How much would rate your organisational leadership skill on a scale of 10?

    1. 1-3
    2. 3-5
    3. 5-8
    4. 8-10