An online satisfaction questionnaire is an important tool to decide whether the customer is satisfied with the product purchased or the service availed online. This questionnaire helps to understand the expectation level of the customer and what can be done to satisfy them. The questions in an online satisfaction questionnaire should be framed keeping in mind the process of evaluating the satisfaction level of the customer.

Sample Online Satisfaction Questionnaire

Name: ________________

Residential contact number: ______________ Mobile number: _______________

Email id: ___________________

1. Do you agree that the product that you purchased was according to your need?

a) Strongly agree

b) Agree

c) Somewhat agree

d) Strongly disagree

2. Did you find the procedure of purchasing the product easy?

a) Yes

b) Somewhat

c) No

3. How satisfied are you after using the product?

a) Very satisfied

b) Satisfied

c) Somewhat satisfied

d) Dissatisfied

4. Would you be purchasing the same product from us again in future?

a) Yes

b) Maybe

c) No

5. How do you find the quality of the product?

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) Normal

d) Bad

e) Terrible

6. How many times in a year do you think that you would be using this product?

a) Once a month

b) Once a week

c) Once in three months

d) Once in six months

e) Once in a year

7. What feature of this product makes you use this product again?


8. What changes would you suggest in this product so as to enhance your satisfaction level?