Online questions are the best way of collecting information as everybody is inside the internet world today. The best way is to run online surveys among the population where product, service, events, programs, ideas etc are targeted. The questions should be legible and simple so that even average person can answer.

The time of the questionnaire should be noted and it should be so long that the person on the other side may get bored answering it. One can use any type of questions but multiple choices of questions are quicker and easy for the receiver to answer. One need to sequence the questions using page breaks, branching etc and make it attractive so that people will be willing to answer the questions

There are various software available for online surveys that will help in providing settings and layout for the survey. Multiple choice questions is most proper since the person need not think and answer which will make him/her answer the questions The most significant questions are asked first and also can use the mandatory mark if particular question will give you better results.

The survey should be conducted in order to act from the results obtained by organizing charts, graphs and thus getting the trend from the result.