There are currently two main types of online questionnaire software. These are the off-the-shelf tools that are on sale online, as well as the DIY or do-it-yourself packages that are used mostly by the web design experts. The latter are used when creating templates that make a better interface for the questionnaire. Online questionnaire software makes it easier for people who want to target a very large population, or have lots of information from which relationships have to be found. The best part about them is that they are prompt in delivering results. Just a button click and you have your results in tabular or chart form.

Sample Questionnaire

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Age: __________________________________________________________________________

Occupation: __________________________________________________________________________

Do you have access to an Internet connection? (Tick the appropriate answer)



If yes, how accessible is your Internet connection?

From home______

At Work______

In a cyber cafe______

From my phone______

How often do you surf the Internet?

More than 8 hours a day______

5 to 8 hours a day______

3 to 5 hours a day______

Less than three hours a day______

How fast is your Internet connection?




Do not know______

How do you normally access the Internet?

Phone line______

Mobile Internet______


Radio link______

No idea______

How reliable is your Internet connection?

Very reliable______

Not so reliable______

I’m just happy that it works sometimes______


How do you find the cost of your current Internet service?

Very expensive______

Worth every penny______

Poor service, not what I pay for______


What do you use the Internet for, mostly?

Checking and sending emails______

Catching up with people in social websites______

Reading magazines and educational journals______

Listening to music and movies______