The design of an online questionnaire is just as important as the questions. In essence, there is usually so much in getting everything right before you embark on choosing the right questions to ask; for instance, the topic on which the questions will be based. Then an objective needs to be zeroed in on that will have to be met based on the context of the online questionnaire. This objective can be mentioned in the introductory part of the online questionnaire. You may have as many questions but always keep in mind that you need to take up just a little of the respondents time. Therefore you need to carefully select the questions and make them easy to answer.

Sample questionnaire

Name: __________________________________________________________________________

Age: _______________________________________________________________________________

Locality: _______________________________________________________________________________

Do you listen to live radio or online radio? (Tick the appropriate answer)

Online radio________

Live radio________



How many hours do you spend listening to radio?

More than 8 Hours a day ________

5 to 8 hours a day________

3 to 5 hours a day________

Less than three hours a day________

What do you normally listen to?

Religious and Motivational stations________

Music and Audio presentations________

Educational and Instructional stations________

Sports updates and News________

Do you listen to one radio station or more than one?




More than three________

Do you get to listen to adverts on radio?



Did the adverts ever make you buy the products being advertised?



More than Thrice________


How do you feel about an advert-free radio station?

That would be great________

Not appealing________

On what do you listen to radio?

From a radio receiver ________

From a phone________

From a PC________