An online multidimensional personality questionnaire is a questionnaire which has a set of questions which are asked from respondents to known about their multidimensional personality symptoms or habits. Such questions are framed by organisations who are conducting evaluation processes.

Sample online multidimensional personality questionnaire:

Name of respondent: ____________

Age of respondent: _____________

Address of respondent: _____________

Phone number of respondent: _____________

Email address of respondent: _______________

Please answer the following questions of the multi personality questionnaire.

Q1. How do you react to stress situations?

Q2. What are your opinions about your wellbeing?

a)   I am a happy person

b)   I am occasionally happy

c)   I am seldom happy

d)   I am not a happy person

Q3. Describe your social potency?

a)   I like to remain in the background on social occasions

b)   I like to be in group discussions and activities of the occasion.

c)   Any other(please give your take)

Q4. What do you think about your aggression level?

a)   I am a very aggressive person

b)   I get aggressive when angry or upset

c)   I seldom get aggressive

d)   I don’t get aggressive at all

Q5. What do you think about danger and dangerous activities?

a)   I like to deal with danger and take up dangerous activities

b)   I can deal with danger if necessary

c)   I stay away from dangerous activities

Q6. How do you react to stress?

a)   I get worried and sweat profusely

b)   I am calm in stress situations

c)   I  handle stress situations with anti stress habits