Online marketing survey questionnaires are designed to gather feedback online regarding the service or a product. Gathering feedback is very important for companies in order to gain a better understanding regarding their market value. An online marketing survey questionnaire consists of questions that are directed towards the performance and design of the product. In case of services, such questionnaires can help gain a better knowledge whether the customers are satisfied with the service or not. It is essential to keep the questionnaire short with multiple-choice answers for the easy of the participant.

Online Marketing Survey Questionnaire Sample

Full Name:  _________________

Full Address: _____________________

Age: ___________________________

Email address: ____________________________

Q1: Since how long have you been using the product?


Q2: How much satisfied are you with the product?

  • Very satisfied
  • Liked it
  • Satisfactory
  • Not happy at all

Q3: In case not satisfied, please furnish reasons.


Q3: What is the best aspect of the product that you like?

  • Its practical designing
  • Its functionality
  • Its pricing

Q4: From whom did you come to know about our product?

  • From a friend using it
  • From advertisements

Q5: How often do you purchase the product?

  • Very often
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely

Q6: Would you buy the product again?

  • Yes definitely
  • No, I wouldn’t
  • Can’t say

Q7: Would you consider suggesting the product to others?

  • Yes definitely!
  • No, I wouldn’t
  • Can’t say

Q 8: Do you have any special recommendations or suggestions regarding the product?



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