An online learning style questionnaire is a set of questions which are useful for letting a person know his learning style. The questions are framed in such a way that by answering all of them, one can come to known his preferred style of learning through the web in an easy way.

Sample online learning questionnaire

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The following are the questions for gathering information on learning style of the respondent. Please answer all questions:

Q1. Which of the following happens when you try to concentrate?

a)   I grow utterly distracted and cannot concentrate.

b)   I get distracted initially but able to concentrate after some time

c)   I can concentrate easily and remain focussed.

Q2. Which of the following happens when you try and visualise?

a)   I can see clear and vivid images in my imagination

b)   I see blurred images as I get distracted

c)   I am not able to visualise

Q3. When you read a story, which of the following happens with you?

a)   I can remember little details of the story

b)   I can remember main parts of the story

c)   I cannot recall much about the story

Q4. When you want to learn something, which method do you prefer?

a)   Mugging up everything

b)   Understanding and then mugging

c)   Understanding and written practice

Q5. Which of the following do you prefer while studying concept based topics?

a)   Mugging up

b)   Understanding of the topic

c)   Practicing by writing and verbally