An online interview questionnaire is a written document which is available on the internet for those people who are sitting for an online interview. These interviews can be either for a particular job post or for the purpose of getting through an institute of academics or sports. Any online questionnaire consists of multiple questions which are based on judging whether or not the applicant is suitable for the job The questions can be either objective, subjective or both and the tone of the questionnaire is formal in nature.

Sample Online Interview Questionnaire:

Name of the candidate: ______________

Age of candidate: _________________

Gender: _________________

Date of birth: __________________

Father’s name: ________________

Email address: ________________

Contact number: ________________

Resident of the state: _____________ country: ____________________

Post of which applying: ______________

Name of the company: ____________________

Please answer the following questions in the spaces provided only:

Q1. Have you worked at a similar job position before?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q2. Give a report of your previous work experiences in brief.


Q3. Why and when did you leave your last job?


Q4. Why are you so keen to get a job in this company?


Q5. Please tell us about a few of your weaknesses.


Q6. Tell us about those skills and qualifications of yours that make your applicable for this job.


Q7. What do you have to say about your interpersonal skills and communication abilities?


Q8. Please tell us about your greatest experience at a work place until now.