Online health questionnaires are posted on specific health websites to help people gauge how healthy they are. The questionnaires help the respondents gauge their overall physical condition. Usually such questionnaires are used to help people modify their lifestyles for purposes of gaining health. For example, an online questionnaire may ask respondents about their eating habits, for purposes of scoring them at the end and identifying whether their eating habits can guarantee them good health. The questionnaires are based on the general principles of health like diet, exercise and lifestyle.  Online health questionnaires can also be used by employers to gauge the overall well being of their employees.


Use simple YES or NO answers on these questions.

1.Do you consider breakfast an important meal of your day? ________

2.Do you take all the three main meals recommended in a day i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner? _________

3.Do you drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day? ________

4.Do you often alcohol, caffeine or nicotine? ________

5.Do you check the ingredients of foods and drinks before buying them? ________

6.Do you eat oily fish, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds or linseeds? ________

7.Do you exercise for at least three times a week? ________

8.Does your weight fall within the normal healthy range? ________

9.Do you include leafy vegetables and fruits in your daily diet? ________

  1. Does your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure fall within the normal healthy range? ________
  2. Do you avoid processed and refined foods when shopping? ________
  3. Do you avoid foods with high sugar content or artificial additives? ________