An online education questionnaire is a questionnaire which is undertaken by a student regarding a particular educational program and such questionnaires are taken online.

These types of questionnaires help the organization to evaluate the decision of the student regarding the admission in the particular online course. The questionnaire must consist of easy to understand questions and the answers to which can be given precisely.

Sample Online Education Questionnaire:

  1. Name:
  2. Age:
  3. Name of online program:
  4. Name of university:
  5. First Language:
  6. Years of graduation study:
  7. Number of online courses taken:
  8. Number of hours I spend per day online on educational purpose:
  9. I am easily able to access the internet as needed for my studies:

a) Yes   b) No

10.  I am comfortable communicating online:

a) Yes   b) No

11.  I am comfortable with written communication:

a) Yes   b) No

12.  I possess enough computer keyboarding skills for doing the online work:

a) Yes   b) No     c) Somewhat

13.  I feel comfortable communicating online in English:

a) Yes   b) No   c) To some extent

14.   I possess a webcam for video conferencing:

a) Yes        b) No

15.   Learning is same in class and at home through the internet:

a) Agree   b) Disagree

16.   I feel face to face contact with the instructor is necessary for learning:

a) Yes   b) No

17.  As a student, I like to work in group activities:

a) Yes   b) No

Thanks for filling the form completely. On the basis of your answers, we shall return to you with the evaluation results in a week’s time. Please fill in your address and phone number: