An online consumer behaviour questionnaire is a questionnaire available on the web which is related to studying the consumer behaviour with respect to a certain product or services. Such documents are helpful as they help to study trends of user behaviour and improve product quality.

Sample online consumer behaviour questionnaire:

Name: _____________________

Address: _____________________

Contact number: ________________

Email address: ____________________

Name of product: _________________

Company of product: ______________________

The following is a list of questions which must be answered correctly:

1. Since when have you been using this product?


2. How did you learn about the product?


3. Did you hear good reviews or bad ones about the product at first?


4. Were the reviews correct according to you?


5. Are you satisfied with the product quality?

A) Yes

B) No

6. Would you recommend this product to anyone else?

A) Yes

B) No

7. Have you faced any difficulty using the product? If yes, what kind of difficulty?


8. What all products have you used in the same category?


9. Is this product better than all the others that you mentioned above?


10. On a scale of 10, how would you rate this product?

11. _______________________________________

12. What do you think about the advertisement on the TV which is linked with this product?


13. According to you, what more do you expect from this product?


14. Are you satisfied with the packaging of the product?


15. Are you satisfied with the availability of the product?


16. What is the one best point, according to you about the product?