An online childhood trauma questionnaire is a questionnaire which is meant to understand the situation and position of a person’s childhood trauma condition. Such questionnaires are really important to understand the trends of the reasons for trauma in the childhood of different people.

Sample online childhood trauma questionnaire:

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Age: ________________

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Q1. What kind of a childhood did you have in general?


Q2. Do you have more of happy childhood memories or sad ones?


Q3. Were both your parents alive during your childhood?


Q4. Did you live with your parents during your childhood years?


Q5. Which is your fondest childhood memory?


Q6. Which is the saddest or traumatised childhood memory that you have?


Q7. Were you a happy kid during childhood years?


Q8. Were you beaten in your childhood?


Q9 Were you bullied by your friends or anyone else during your childhood years?


Q10. Mention the names of people who you were not very fond of during your childhood?


Q11. Is there any major trauma related with your childhood that you would like to share with us?


Q12. Were you sexually assaulted on any occasion during your early years?


Q13. Were you physically harmed during your early years?


Q14. How did you cope with the trauma (if any) during your childhood years?


Q15. Did the trauma made you dull and inactive in any manner?


Q16. Give details of your trauma (if any)