A nursing leadership questionnaire is a type of a leadership questionnaire which is aimed at the nursing industry and is framed in order to take views on leadership from people who work in the nursing sector. These questionnaires are drafted with the aim of gathering views of different nursing employees about nursing leadership qualities so that a common conclusion can be drawn by evaluating all the responses taken from a targeted group of people.

For your referential purpose, we have a following given sample of a nursing leadership questionnaire that can be used for help by any individual.

Sample Nursing Leadership Questionnaire:

Name of nursing employee:

Name of nursing centre:

Location of nursing centre:

Contact number of nursing centre:

Email address of nursing centre:

Position in nursing sector:

The following is a nursing leadership questionnaire. We request you to take out a few minutes to answer the following given questions in the allotted spaces.

Q1. Do you have a nursing leader working over you?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q2. What is the job title of the nursing leader (if answer to the previous question in yes)?


Q3. Do you agree with the method of leadership adopted by your leader?

a)      Yes, I am in complete agreement

b)      Yes I agree quite a lot

c)      I don’t really agree with his/her method and ways

d)     I don’t agree at all

Q4. According to you, what does it take to make a good nursing leader? Select all appropriate choices.

a)      Good interpersonal skills

b)      Good personality

c)      Better knowledge and skills

d)     Ability to handle all the members

e)      Good nature

f)       Ability to bring the best out of all members

g)      All of the above

Q5. Please describe a few ways in which your leader can become a perfect leader?