A nursing job satisfaction questionnaire is used to find the overall satisfaction of the nurses with regards to their profession. These types of questionnaires help to find out the areas which make nurses satisfied and the areas which need improvement.

Sample Nursing Satisfaction Questionnaire

Name: ________________________________________________________

Name of facility you are working in: _____________________________________________

Type of facility where you are employed: _________________________________________

Your specialty: _________________________________________________

What type of nursing program did you graduate from? _______________________________

Please choose the most appropriate answer.

1. For you, nursing is

a. A job

b. A profession

2. How long have you been in this field of nursing?

a. Less than 1 year

b. 1 – 5 years

c. 6 – 10 years

d. 11 – 15 years

e. More than 16 years

3. Are you satisfied with your orientation program, if you have been working for less than a year?

a. Yes, I am quite satisfied

b. Yes, I enjoy my work

c. Not at all

4. Were you satisfied with your preceptor?

a. Yes, my preceptor was quite good

b. Not very

5. How was the work environment?

a. It was quite friendly

b. It was somewhat difficult

c. It is very difficult to work in such a place

6. Do you think that the management supports the staff?

a. It helps in any way it can

b. Well most of the times, but not always

c. They are not at all co-operative

7. What are you working hours?

a. 8 am to 4 pm [morning and day shift]

b. 4pm to 8am [evening and night shift]

8. Are you overall satisfied with your nursing profession?

a. Yes

b. No