A newsletter survey questionnaire can be on any number of topics, products, industry, lifestyle, health issues, and just about anything under the sun. Normally, a newsletter survey is conducted through emails or over the internet. These questionnaires are sent to a specific customer segment or demographic in order to seek more information on the subject area. A newsletter survey questionnaire can comprise of single ended, multiple choice, calculated, descriptive as well as yes/no questions.

Sample Newsletter Survey Questionnaire:

Name of the Participant: _____________________________

Gender: _________________ (M/F) |  Age: ___________

Address: ______________________________________  City:_______________

State: __________________  Zip: ________________

Email: _____________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________

  • Have you participated in a newsletter survey before?

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      Can’t say

  • Which of the following type of newsletter surveys have you participated in before?

a)      Satisfaction survey

b)      New product launch

c)      Summer/winter sale surveys

d)     Medical surveys

e)      Health care surveys

f)       Government surveys

g)      Others: ________________________ (Please Specify)

  • Do you feel that a newsletter survey questionnaire is better way of promotion as compared to other forms of advertising?

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      Maybe

  • This is a newsletter survey questionnaire on healthy living. Do you find this questionnaire satisfactory?

a)      Very satisfactory

b)      Somewhat satisfactory

c)      Satisfactory

d)     Neutral

e)      Not satisfactory

f)       Extremely unsatisfactory

  • Which of the following segments in healthy living will benefit most from this survey according to you?

a)      Basic health care

b)      Medicines and drugs

c)      Healthy and nutritious food

d)     Sports and Fitness

e)      Child and infant health

f)       Old age and healthy living

g)      Others: ________________________ (Please Specify)

  • Do you feel the questions asked during this survey are appropriate to the cause?

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      Don’t Know